Portfolio Management


For many individuals, growing wealth is met with increasing complexity. The efficient diversification of a client's portfolio is essential to help navigate challenging markets and realize financial goals.
Working together, we will: 

  • Learn about you and your specific financial goals

  • Develop an investment strategy focused clearly on your objectives

  • Maintain a relationship built on trust and the knowledge that we treat each client's portfolio as if it were our own

We manage client portfolios on a discretionary basis.  This allows us to make changes without delay whenever we believe it will be beneficial to your portfolio.  If a market development calls for defensive action, we can adjust your portfolio quickly and nimbly.          

Wealth Management


At King Wealth Management we understand the complications that are associated with wealth management and the difficult decisions individuals and their families face.  Our goal is to devise a strategy that takes into account both your present, and your future well-being, as well as those whom you love and care for.  Achieving this balance is not easy and the questions that arise are far more complicated than simply choosing the right investments.

The team at King Wealth Management collectively has over sixty years of wealth management and financial planning experience. We are prepared to assist you so that you can live your life today while paving the way for a secure future for your loved ones.

Institutional Wealth Management

The team at King Wealth Management Group works with institutions by custom tailoring sophisticated wealth management solutions based on the goals of the institution.  We work with foundations, scholarship funds, colleges, non-profits, ERISA plans, banks, bank trust departments, credit unions and corporate investment plans.  We assist our clients with:

  • Investment Policy Statements 

  • Asset allocation 

  • Investment strategy and selection 

  • Portfolio optimization 

Because we are independent, we have the flexibility which allows us to form a relationship centered around the specific needs of your institution.

Financial Planning


At King Wealth Management Group, we take the time necessary to ask questions, listen to your answers and discover the details of your financial life. Your current and future income needs, your assets and liabilities, risks and asset protection strategies are all components taken into consideration when we take stock of your financial picture  to develop a cohesive, comprehen-sive financial plan. 

In creating plans for our clients, we try to analyze and project: 

  • Predictable retirement income 

  • Ongoing annual budgeting 

  • Debt structure and strategic borrowing 

  • Funding strategies for college 

  • Gifting strategies for heirs and charity 

  • Potential estate tax liability